Powder/Metal Pre-treatment

Titanium based coating, designed as a substitute for iron and zinc phosphate. This program offers NSS results equal to or better then zinc phosphate programs. There are also the added benefits of:

  • Energy savings with reduced treatment stages and operating temperatures.
  • Reduced Process Steps lead to substantial water reduction/savings.
  • Multi- Metal capability and works with various paint chemistries.
  • Eliminates phosphates from process for improved environmental footprint.
  • Reduced Chemical Consumption.
  • Contains no chromium and compliant with EU End of Life and RoHS and WEEE legislative directives.
  • Eliminates the need for post sealing stage facilities and technical service.

Wet/Plastic Pre-treatment

  • The ‘plastics’ lines operate in full compliance with General Motor’s 994801 specification.

Primers Paints and Powders

  • Powder and wet priming available in zinc rich, red oxides, black oxides, anti-chip etc.
  • Top coats in any color or finish smooth, textured, stipple, flat or high gloss, no limitations to what can be supplied
  • Our list of coatings suppliers include:
  • TCI powders
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Dupont
  • Tiger Drylac
  • PPG
  • Red Spot
  • Interpon
  • Prism
  • Erie powders

Colors include but are not limited to:

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