About Us

About Us

Select Finishing works with vendors around the globe to provide our customers with one-stop service.

Certifications include the following:

ISO 9001 / AAMA 2604 / AAMA2605 / CARC / Controlled Goods Program

As well, we are a Tier II supplier to GM, Ford, Chrysler and Caterpillar

This combined with our diversified list of direct customers gives us the edge in expertise and delivery.

  • In house are three wet coat lines, and one powder (metal) line and can accommodate all parts sizes
  • Both metal and plastic parts are painted at our facilities.
  • The ‘metal’ lines have Nanotechnology pre-treatment and can paint all metal substrates.
  • The ‘plastics’ lines operate in full compliance with General Motor’s 994801 specification.
  • For excessively large parts, we have two manual paint booths and cure ovens.
  • Warehousing is available for JIT shipment programs.
  • Notification in advance of shipments.
  • We can provide initial/final assembly service on components after painting.
  • Pre-paint part masking services are also available for those customers not staffed to handle the manpower required.

Call today for all of your finishing needs.